Miley Cyrus: I Don’t Give A F*ck

Miley Cyrus: I Don’t Give A F*ck
Image by: / Lia Toby
If like us you have been scratching your heads and wondering when Miley Cyrus is going to quit her ratchet charade and learn to be a human again, the answer is probably NEVER.
Even though the whole world is like, “OMG Miley smoked onstage, OMG she wore the most scandalous outfit, OMG she’s going to crash and burn,” Miley hears everything you’re saying and raises it up with an “EFF YOU!”

“Sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give a f***,” she tweeted yesterday, presumably at all her *~*~H8rzzz~*~*.
Miley’s allure (if she has one) is that she’s just plowing through life supposedly without a care in the world. We beg to differ, however, and we believe that her “f*ck it” attitude is actually a perfectly crafted image. Meaning: she’s acting like she doesn’t give a f*ck when in fact she has Google alerts in her name and constantly prepares for her next shocking move.
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