Justin Bieber Explains Trashing Argentina’s Flag

Justin Bieber Explains Trashing Argentina’s Flag
Fun fact: Desecrating the Argentinian flag in its native country is a crime punishable by up to four years in jail. Justin Bieber made it home free, escaping that potential fate, but the footage of him mopping the floor on stage with the national symbol lives on forever. That could actually be worse than getting locked up.
After the video circulated worldwide, Justin’s finally explaining what happened by way of his team and TMZ.
The pop singer’s camp explained that Justin “would never, ever” insult another nation’s flag, TMZ reported, and that “the whole thing is a giant misunderstanding.”
Apparently fans were throwing bras, t-shirts, and all kinds of paraphernalia on stage—typical of Justin Bieber concerts *throwing up air crosses and Hail Marys for the next generation*—and he didn’t want to touch it with his bare hands (understandable), which is why he used the mic to sweep it off the stage.
Justin, who’s avatar is currently his newest single cover art (a sad face emoticon—fitting!), took to Twitter to clear the air, tweeting these apologies:
Looks like Justin's waving a flag of his own right now. A white one.

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