Dan Bilzerian Goes To Party In Vegas After Throwing Porn Star Off Roof

Doesn’t seem like Dan is phased after having broken the foot of a 19-year-old porn star, who is now threatening to sue him. He’s apparently headed to Vegas with a gun to party on. 

 Dan Bilzerian sure knows how to pack for a vacation. While getting ready for a trip to las Vegas, the millionaire playboy, who recently threw a porn star off the roof of his Hollywood Hills, Calif. mansion, posted a picture of his luggage to his Instagram account on April 26. Trust us when we say that some of the items are a little strange, scary and dangerous!

Dan Bilzerian Packs for Vegas After Throwing Porn Star Off Roof

There are many interesting pictures on Dan’s Instagram account, but one picture in particular caught our eye. This photo revealed what Dan was taking with him to Las Vegas. In Dan’s bags were thousands of dollars, multiple handguns and a cat! 
We couldn’t believe it either but there was actually a live cat in one of his bags. If you look closely, you can see it gazing up at the camera as if to say, “You’re not really going to leave me in this bag, are you?”

Well, we said what he packed was going to be strange and dangerous, didn’t we?

Dan Bilzerian Tosses Porn Star Janice Griffith Off Roof

But Dan is all about being strange and dangerous. Currently he’s being sued by Janice Griffith, a porn star whom he threw off the roof of his Hollywood Hills mansion and into a pool waiting below.
Unfortunately, Dan didn’t toss the Janice far enough to clear the edge of the pool and she ended up shattering her foot as a result.
HollywoodLifers, let us know what you think of Dan’s travel gear. Did you think the things he packed were funny or crazy? Tell us what you think.
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