Jennifer Aniston: My Butt Is All Over The Place

Top-butt is ALL THE RAGE, you guys.
Since Miley Cyrus showed off the top of her butt in the pages of V magazine, everyone wants a rocking top-butt.
Jennifer Aniston wants a top-butt just like Miley!
Jen struggles to get her butt to meet Nicki Minaj-butt standards, because she says her butt has a mind of it’s own.
“My butt just has a tendency to go right and left. And I’d like it to go up!” Jen told Access Hollywood, “It’s not even going down…so it just hits the right and the left a little bit and it’s like, what’s that all about?!”
“My butt [is the toughest]” Jen revealed.

But what about Jen’s toned upper arms? Apparently they don’t matter if the butt isn’t right.
Jen is especially worried about her physique because she plays a stripper in her new movie We’re the Millers.
“You might see more than you need to see,” Jen jokes, “[Stripping] was so much fun. I had a great choreographer – she was fantastic, and it was to great music and it was fun.”
You would think that Jen would hit up the stripper pole to “research” for the role, but instead she just did more yoga than she already does.
“I just doubled the amount that I normally do,” Jen admits, “You get up into my age and you’ve gotta do a little bit more.”
So Jen’s day is now just divided into “sleeping” and “doing yoga” with the occasional break to “do cupping” and/or “juice cleanse.”
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