Tony Hawk On Hoverboard Scandal: Joke Went On ‘A Little Too Long’


The skateboarding legend already apologized for misleading his fans in Funny or Die’s viral hoverboard video. Now, Tony Hawk talks to EXCLUSIVELY about the scandal.

Tony Hawk shocked viewers and fans everywhere when he was featured in a video for HUVr Tech’s promotion of the world’s very first hoverboard. Unfortunately the whole thing turned out to be a hoax! After apologizing to viewers for his part in the prank, Tony explains to EXCLUSIVELY how the stunt was staged.

Tony Hawk On Hoverboard Scandal: Joke Went On ‘A Little Too Long’

The skateboarding pro was one of the stars of a video that unveiled an alleged hoverboard similar to the one used in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future II.

The video was mind-boggling and very believable to some. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, Tony reveals how the video wasn’t even intended to fool viewers — it was only meant to be a joke.
“Well, I got invited to that by Funny or Die and I originally thought it was going to be a Funny or Die skit. So I didn’t have any hesitation about misleading people because I thought the joke was set,” Tony tells EXCLUSIVELY. “They decided that it was so good that they would run it as if it were real and the joke went on a little too long, and people were starting to get upset with me.”
Tony may have been in on the joke, but he wishes the hoverboard was a reality just as much as we do.
“I wish they were real as much as anyone! A lot of people thought they were real and if they were real I don’t think they would have been affordable,” he tells

Tony Hawk Apologizes For Hoverboard Hoax

On March 5, Tony apologized on the RIDE Channel’s YouTube page for confusing everyone who fell for the hoverboard hoax. In the video, he spoke about how he thought the joke would be obvious and showed viewers how the stunt was pulled off.
What do you think about Tony Hawk’s hoverboard scandal, HollywoodLifers? Did the video mislead you? Let us know!
– Reporting by Russ Weakland, Written by Avery Thompson
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