Sydney Leathers Giving Myla Sinanaj A Lap Dance(Pics)

While Fish is off exploring the new maps (That’s a thing I’ve heard people who play games excitedly talk about, so I chose to reference it in an attempt to seem savvy.) in Grand Theft Auto V, I decided to destroy a piece of, if not your entire soul with these awful images. Granted, the Internet is full of way darker shit than two whores whoring all over each other pretending they wouldn’t whorethrash each other apart for a dollar, but take a moment to consider what this scene represents. On one hand, you’ve got Sydney Leathers, the slop bucket of life failure, who targeted an already disgraced politician for the expressed purpose of using his dick pictures to catapult her — I almost wrote “career,” but I’m editing that to “period of her life in which lecherous empty husks of greed pay her to perform like an animal until she dies of AIDS.” On the other hand, there’s Myla Sinanaj, the ass doppelganger of Kim Kardashian, who’s so desperately tried to follow her Ground Whore Zero predecessor that she glommed onto the exact same penis, made a “sex tape,” and now wants a reality show. The tragedy here is that these two are real things in reality and somehow aren’t just the twisted ramblings in a serial killer’s spiral notebook describing his perfect victim. They are the supply to our endless demand of disposable freaks for us to disgrace and shame then turn on Duck Dynasty and go “Ha! They’re eating squirrel pie! It’s funny because they’re weird!!” But they’re all ingredients in the same sausage, that we keep ordering, in fact that we keep making as we slowly turn the crank on the grinder, a thin line of drool running down the chin of our blankly staring fac– Whoa, I’m not sure what happened back there. *reads above commentary* Hahaha, It’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine here. *goes back to cropping Snooki photos, left eye twitches uncontrollably*

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