Usher: Justin Bieber Needs to Grow Up

If you really dislike Justin Bieber, you should first consider the source: R&B singer Usher, who originally plucked the Canadian prodigy from far, far, far away land YouTube and tossed him into our tranquil lives, to drive recklessly through our living rooms and abandon innocent monkeys in Germany and blind us with his collection of drop-crotch pants.
Now, in a candid interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Usher lays down the real talk, also admitting that the 19-year-old needs to get his act together.
“I think all of us in some way have humble beginnings that pan out to be incredible and we hope that in his transition, as friends and family who has helped him be who he is, that he’ll continue to just mature,” he said after Ellen broached the topic.
"But you know in this days [and age] of social media there is no privacy and that kind of trial and elimination period is kind of done in front of a camera.”
He also added that’s “hoping for the best,” fingers crossed and everything, that Justin will see the light and wise up eventually. For the time being, he somewhat excuses his recent behavior saying he’s just a teenager (yeah, just a teenager…surrounded by a ‘yes-man’ army of enablers who all profit from his fame and success).
It’s these kind of acquittals by those close to him that let Justin think he can just joyride through his Calabasas community and get away with it. He’s currently being investigated for two separate driving incidents this year where he’s naturally denying any wrongdoing in both. Why? Because Justin can do no wrong. He’s just a teenager, give him a break. Ask Usher.
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