Lisa Vanderpump: I Want to Film “Kim Kardashian-Style” Adult Video

You can always count on a “Real Housewife” to tell us how she really feels. Because when they aren't passive-aggressively not inviting a fellow cast member to a brunch party or getting their weekly readings from a psychic, they're giving outlandish and #nofilter quotes to print and online media, left and right—it's basically in their contract.
Take Lisa Vanderpump, for instance, of the popular Bravo series set in Beverly Hills, darling, shi shi shi shi shi. If you’re going to ask her a question, don’t wait for her to do what most celebrities do and take you on a roundabout journey through flowery metaphors and cagey euphemisms, talking themselves into a non-answer. A “Housewife” is programmed to only function in the literal.
When asked what the dumbest thing she’s read about herself in the media was, by the Huffington Post, Lisa responded:
“That I did a sex tape,” she said. “Ken [her husband] was really excited. [Laughs] There’s still time though I might do one … but no, I haven’t done one.”
Which, naturally, led to Kim Kardashian. Huffington followed up by asking if she could ask Kim K anything in the world, what would it be?
“Why on earth would she do that sex tape?” She asked. “I want to do one, so she should give me the name of the producer she used for her sex tape.” [Laughs]
If you’re really serious, Lisa, we’re sure you can find Kris Jenner’s email somewhere.
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