NYPD: We Never Got a Call About Amanda Bynes

An update on the bizarreness that is police storming the trenches of Amanda Bynes’ residence yesterday…
They didn’t, apparently.
“There is no 911 call to the apartment of Amanda Bynes and there is no police record of any of our officers having to go there,” Paul J. Browne, the Deputy Chief of Public Information of NYC, who covers all New York precincts, tells CT9.
 “Even if a neighbor called the police directly there would be a record of it, as we have to make a note of everything any of our officers do and respond to, and there is absolutely no record of this.”
The reports of an NYPD visit to Amanda’s home began to make the rounds late Wednesday when Jenny McCarthy tweeted info she received from former Hollywood publicist, Jonathan Jaxson.

Jonathan, alarmed by a conversation he claims to have had with Amanda, tried to notify authorities, but that proved unsuccessful it seems.
While a series of attention-seeking selfies is disconcerting to many, she didn’t break any laws.
Which means you can all start holding your breaths again while you wait for the very special celebrity edition of “Intervention.”
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