Robert Downey Jr.: Gwyneth Paltrow Is a Snob

Gwyneth Paltrow got a little feisty at the Iron Man 3 press conference this past weekend. No, someone didn’t rustled the roots of her organic lentil garden. Someone called her a “snob” to her face. Someone none other than her superhero co-star, Robert Downey Jr.
The actress slapped the actor across the face after he had the audacity to insult her in front of everyone.
But before you let out an exaggerated gasp! like this was some spectacular scene out of Mansfield Park, it was all in playful jest.

Gwyneth made a comment during the conference about how “really surprised” she was by the film’s positive reviews, shocked that everyone truly “loved it,” herself included.
That’s when Robert interjected with a “Shocked? You’re such a snob.” He then laughed at his own jab, leaned in to kiss and make up with the object of his derision when she slapped him away.
Again, all in good fun, just something to break the monotony of boring first class air tickets and amazing suites at the Four Seasons, but there might have been some truth to his remark veiled as innocuous impromptu.

We’re starting to think Robert spent his downtime on set, sitting in his trailer and fixing the vote on Star magazine’s Most Hated Hollywood Celebs poll. After all, he has been within earshot of Paltrow's opinion on everything recently.
From her must-have spring wardrobe essentials recommendations, plain garments which round out to a total of $450,000. To advising Robert that he really should’ve used duck eggs instead of “the normal kind” in his breakfast croissant. That Iron Man’s main character should have a side plotline about his struggles with veganism made easy by her newsletter GOOP.
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