Kim Kardashian Shows Off Growing Bump in Tight Dress

A flattering photo of pregnant Kim Kardashian, finally. Text your immediate family. Print it out for future scrap booking. Tell your grandchildren so they can tell their grandchildren's grandchildren. Never forget.

The reality star was photographed pumping gas in Los Angeles today wearing a form-fitting black dress with stud embellishments, and more shocking than the fact that she didn't need an assistant to fetch her premium diesel is that she looks good doing it.

It's no secret to people with an Internet connection and functioning eyes that Kim's maternity style has been largely inconsistent. Letting her boyfriend Kanye West dress her has made her outfits the topic of some very heated arguments between the employees of Old Navy's maternity section.
Snapped just a few hours ago, it's the most pregnant we've seen the star's growing belly. Here we finally see her accentuating her Lil Kimye baby bump in a dress that's hugging her curves—not drowning them in a haute couture drape.

She may have been showing off her daily outfit at the gas station, but just prior to that she was attracting attention for a more covered up reason. LAPD pulled her over earlier in the day, reportedly for her Range Rover's tinted windows being past the legal limit.

Kim, if you're going to wear more clothing like this in the next five months, there's no reason to hide behind a five-inch thick tint.

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