Jay-Z, Beyonce & Kim Kardashian's Finances Exposed

In today's episode of "When Celebrities Get Hacked," this familiar storyline gets a whole lot of new famous faces added to its cast.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Hillary Clinton are just some of the most recognizable names who've been pulled into the circle of a recent hacking scandal that's slowly coming to light. It also reveals what we never thought possible: even the fortress that is Beyoncé can come under attack.

These public figures, a grand total of twelve, were made victims by a hacker who found his/her way into their personal finances and exposed their net worth to the web. It also included politicos like vice president Joe Biden and law enforcement officials such as the FBI director Robert Mueller.

However, this is far more invasive than the typical empire estimates magazines gather from entertainment contracts and endorsement deals. The hacker leaked various details like their credit, contact information, mortgage payments, social security numbers, loans, and other banking activities.

The LAPD and FBI are already on the case and investigating the breach. I'm no expert on hacking, but based on my own experience (I've seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo—twice), I suspect an inside job, someone you'd never suspect, who can crawl their way close to the source unnoticed. I suspect Blue Ivy.

To sum this all up in less words, someone hacked their way into these celebrities' personal records to ultimately reveal the least interesting thing about all of them: they're super rich.

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