‘Revenge’ Recap: Jack Learns A Shocking Family Secret

On March 9 ‘Revenge’ returned after a nearly two month hiatus, and delivered shockers galore. It’s so good to be back in the Hamptons!

The Mar. 9 episode of Revenge was the beginning of a what’s sure to be an insane and shocking latter half of the season. The hit show returned at a new time and upped the ante in its new time slot. Emily (Emily VanCamp) continued her downward spiral, one character bit the dust, and Jack (Nick Wechsler) got the surprise of his life.

‘Revenge’ Recap: Stevie Is Jack’s Mom

After her traumatizing wedding night, Emily had recovered better than expected. However, there was still swelling in her brain that had the doctor worried. Emily was also concerned with this news, especially since she’d been having crazy blackouts.
Emily had Nolan (Gabriel Mann) track her down during her escapades. She really just wanted to know if she slept with Conrad (Henry Czerny) after she woke up in his bed. Much to my delight, they didn’t sleep together, but they are working together. Unbeknownst to Emily, she had been talking to Stevie Grayson (Gail O’Grady) about divorcing Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Conrad was totally on board with it.
The original Mrs. Grayson and the newest Mrs. Grayson met up at The Stowaway for a chat. Stevie told Emily that Daniel cheating in their home was grounds for immediate annulment. Emily doesn’t remember any of their discussion and tried to dissuade Stevie away from divorce. But, Emily had mentioned she was in love with someone else over the phone. “That look in your eyes is love…and not for the man you married,” Stevie told Emily. I like Stevie. Let’s keep her around.
Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) wasn’t having the best of times either. Patrick (Justin Hartley) burned down their art gallery after finding out about his biological father, Jimmy Brennan (Brett Cullen). Patrick was determined to avenge his mother’s rapist and hired Jimmy to do the contracting on the gallery. Victoria wasn’t happy with this idea. Not at all.

‘Revenge’ Recap: What’s Wrong With Emily?

Emily continued her ride on the crazy train and ended up at Nolan’s to try and makeup with Aiden (Barry Sloane) before he left for good. Things got real sexy for a second and then Aiden stopped her. (WHY?!) As Aiden headed to the car, he was knocked out by Niko (Stephanie Jacobsen). The jilted lover took Aiden to Takeda’s place where she told him her plan to avenge her father’s death. She said she was going to kill Emily!
The next thing Emily knew she was back at her old place where Nolan found her. The two chatted before Emily blacked out, again. She came to at Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) birthday party. She caught up with Nolan to find out what the heck happened. Apparently, she “hulked” out on Nolan and pretty much killed his ego.
“I wish I could keep you locked up here until the full moon passes,” Nolan told Emily. Nolan cares so much for Emily it’s overwhelming. Is it bordering on romantic? I could dig it.
While at Nolan’s, Emily realized Niko knew about Aiden killing Takeda and ran over to Takeda’s old place. Niko had anticipated her arrival and the two got into a very catty fight. Niko couldn’t understand why Aiden had chosen “a failure over me” and then killed her father. Emily and Niko came to blows and Emily almost killed her until Aiden stopped her in the knick of time. Aiden told Niko to go. Is she really gone for good?
Emily tried to explain to Aiden that she didn’t plant Takeda’s sword in his bedroom on purpose. He didn’t believe her excuse about blacking out at first until she didn’t remember that she tried to get him back. Aiden was still a little hurt and told Emily to “get out now before you do something else you regret.” (My heart hurts. It hurts a lot.)

‘Revenge’ Recap: Who’s Your Mommy?

Before he decided whether or not to kill Jimmy, Patrick talked to the guy. Jimmy talked about his regrets from the past and his thoughts started to make Patrick rethink offing him. However, Jimmy wasn’t a good guy after all. He showed up to Charlotte’s birthday party and tried to make advances toward Victoria.
Victoria fled to the gallery to berate Patrick for not firing Jimmy. Patrick said he was trying to get to know his dad a little better. Jimmy showed up and attempted to make it seem like he did not rape Victoria. A scuffle ensued and Patrick knocked Jimmy out hard. Before Patrick could call the cops, she stopped him. Victoria wanted to watch the man she feared most die. And she did just that.
Emily may be trying subconsciously to get away from Daniel, but Conrad is consciously trying to get away from Victoria. While Victoria and Conrad talked over their settlements, Stevie stopped by. According to divorce documents, Stevie got all undeveloped real estate deeds, which meant she technically owns Grayson Manor! She told Victoria she wanted her out by the end of the week. Where in the world will Victoria go?
Stevie also had some wise words for Conrad: “You wreak havoc in the lives of others and it’s about to catch up to you.” I love Stevie. I bow down to the original Mrs. Grayson.
After multiple blackouts, Emily had to really reevaluate her diagnosis. It may not be the swelling. She may just be going crazy like her mother. Her mother had her first breakdown at Emily’s age. Emily realized something must be done because she’s going after the wrong people. (That might be a problem.)
After canceling her flight back to Los Angeles, Stevie spent some of her free time at The Stowaway. She talked to Jack about his father and wanted to know about his family. Why, you ask?
The Big Reveal
I genuinely gasped at this revelation. That was a plot twist I didn’t see coming at all. I need to know so much more about this right now. Now Jack is connected to the Graysons more than ever and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.
What did you think of tonight’s episode of Revenge? Were you surprised at Stevie’s confession? Is Emily really going crazy? Are Aiden and Emily done for good? Let us know your thoughts!
– Avery Thompson
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