‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily Uncovers Her Next Target


The March 23 episode of ‘Revenge’ featured a blast from Victoria’s past and one epic showdown!

The opera sure does bring out the drama. On the March 23 episode of Revenge, Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) pulled out their claws, Pascal LeMarchal (Olivier Martinez) made his long-awaited debut and Emily uncovered her next target!

‘Revenge’ Recap: Well, Hello There

Margaux (Karine Vanasse) returned from Paris with her father Pascal in tow. Margaux only wanted him back to have Conrad (Henry Czerny) fired, but Pascal had other plans. (Thank goodness for that because he is H-O-T.)Pascal and Conrad hit up a competitive game of tennis and had some catching up to do. Conrad wanted to maintain the alliance between Grayson and LeMarchal’s. Victoria stopped by and had an interesting run-in with Pascal. (Just by the looks on their faces, they totally had a thing.)
Pascal seriously only had eyes for Victoria and even gave her a stunning black dress for the upcoming opera as a peace offering. (Wow.)

‘Revenge’ Recap: Mother-Son Bonding

Daniel (Joshua Bowman) thought he had scored the jackpot by capturing the photo of Emily and Aiden (Barry Sloane) kissing. He smugly told Victoria about the photo and she wanted the best seat in the house when he told Emily their marriage was over. (Don’t be so confident, Daniel.) When Daniel and Victoria revealed those photos to Emily, she put on quite a show. She played on how she lied for Daniel and forgave him for shooting her. Emily wasn’t going to agree to a divorce and gave them that little preview of her testimony that left Daniel seething. (Daniel is like a rabid dog now and I hate it.) Emily rejected the huge settlement Daniel had provided in the divorce papers. Victoria realized that Emily was targeting the family and not their fortune. Victoria told Daniel that it was best to keep her around, but Emily had other plans.
After learning that Stevie (Gail O’Grady) visited her father in prison, Emily was obsessed with finding out more information. However, Stevie only visited David Clarke (James Tupper) once. Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) debated whether Stevie didn’t want Conrad to know she was visiting or David to know she was a Grayson. Emily didn’t want to tell Jack (Nick Wechsler), even after Nolan’s nudging. Nolan asked her what she would do if Stevie turned out to be the enemy. Would Emily take her out, even with Jack in the picture?
Do you like Emily and Jack teaming up?
Emily went to talk to Stevie after her AA meeting, but Jack provided interference. Jack warned Emily not to meddle. They were finally getting to a good place and he wanted to do the same with his mom. (Always so noble, that Jack.) Since Jack intercepted her conversation with Stevie, Emily hit up the next best thing: Conrad. She wanted to talk about Stevie. According to Conrad, after their divorce, she tried to get all back in his business. Something was up and Emily knew it.
Jack and Stevie continued their mother-son bonding. While she perused through his photos of his wedding to faux-Amanda, she contemplated whether if she had returned sooner if things could have been different. Jack reassured her that what happened was going to happen. Stevie also went on to say that she believed in David Clarke’s innocence and the Graysons had something to do with taking him down. However, when she came across a picture of Amanda and Emily, sparks flew.
Stevie stopped by Emily’s to chat. She wanted to know Emily’s true motives. Stevie found it odd that Emily was a Grayson, yet was the maid of honor to a Clarke. Emily played it off that Amanda was a dear friend and what the Graysons did sickened her. Emily wanted to know what Stevie’s stake was in this situation. Like she told Jack, she believed David Clarke’s was innocent. Stevie tried to help, but Conrad set her up for a DUI. They both agreed that if Conrad was willing to go to lengths to keep Stevie quiet that she was on to something. Stevie offered to help, but Emily refused for Jack.
When Stevie confronted Jack about Emily’s refusal, Jack said he didn’t want anyone else taken from him. Stevie wanted to get involved because she had information that could lead to justice. After David’s conviction, Stevie looked into his case and found some information, but couldn’t verify the source. That information was what prompted Conrad to set her up. Once she was disbarred, all the evidence was discarded. In order to find that information, Jack and Nolan teamed up. Jack retrieved the tapes from archives after some help from Nolan’s prison buddy, Javier (Henri Esteve). However, when Jack told Emily of his involvement, she was not pleased. As always, Jack was the best and left the tapes for Emily. And the tapes uncovered just what Emily needed — her next target!

‘Revenge’ Recap: At The Opera

The opera brought out everyone’s best looks. Seriously, everyone looked absolutely stunning. All of New York’s elite were in attendance and drama was bound to ensue. Pascal and Victoria had another interesting run-in and he prompted Victoria to say, “This dress may touch my body, but you will never be so lucky.” If this is Victoria’s way of flirting, I’m so okay with it.
Pascal introduced himself to Jack and revealed he was staying in the U.S. a little while longer. Margaux was not pleased and wanted her and Daniel to show their fathers what they were really up against. In order for Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to still serve purpose, she was in charge of the gossip column at Voulez. This came in handy when a tip of Emily’s medical records came in indicating her fake pregnancy. This delighted Victoria and she loved chasing down Emily to tell her, “You’re nothing but a fraud and a liar!” Emily fled and ran right into the paparazzi!
The next day, Emily moved out. Daniel had the divorce papers all ready to go. Emily was quick to remind them that she still had the fact that Daniel shot her. Victoria said no one would believe her. Daniel asked if Victoria leaked the medical records and she said no. If Victoria didn’t, then who did?
Emily, of course! Jack swung by her cottage to check on her and she revealed she was behind the leak. She needed them to feel like they won, which Jack said would only happen if she had a new plan of action. Emily still didn’t want Jack involved, but he explained that he was already in it too deep. It wasn’t just for David Clarke, Jack wanted justice for Declan and Amanda. On the tapes, there was a letter to Conrad that perked Emily’s interest. However, the letter wasn’t sent on American paper, but European. This could only mean one thing: Pascal was her next target!
That’s why Emily didn’t want Jack involved because now Margaux was involved. In a very odd reaction, Jack gave the OK for Emily to take down Pascal, as long as there wasn’t collateral damage! Emily and Jack are going to have to gear up for a fight, because now Pascal and Conrad are in cahoots since Conrad offered up Victoria for Pascal’s taking! Just another day in the Hamptons.
What did you think of tonight’s Revenge? Will Emily really kill Pascal? How do you feel about Jack and Emily teaming up? Let us know!
– Avery Thompson
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