Oscar Speeches That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Oscar Speeches That Will Make Your Heart Melt
Whether they made us cry or laugh until it hurt, these are hands down the best Oscar speeches of all time.
1. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was literally sleeping in his chair until they called his name for Best Supporting Actor in Jerry Maguire

And then he delivered a speech that if played on a loop on all TVs ever for the rest of time, no humans would be sad again.
2. When Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting. They were so young and they brought their moms as their dates...

And then proceeded to shout the entirety of their acceptance speech and it was so precious.
3. Russell Crowe’s acceptance speech for Gladiator is a great substitute for a motivational speaker.

You might as well just transcribe it and throw an Instagram filter over the quote, because this sh*t is INSPIRATIONAL.
4. Tom Hanks’ speech for winning Best Actor for Philadelphia was CHURCH.

5. The ONLY reason to watch this speech is Nic Cage and Jack Nicholson smirking like idiots when Adrien Brody basically makes out with Halle Berry after accepting his award for The Pianist

The rest of the speech is pretty weepy too.
6. Roberto Benigni literally HOPPED up the stairs to accept his win for Best Foreign Language Film. 

But not before standing on his chair. He delivered the most adorably broken-English acceptance speech the world has ever known.
7. Besides the fact that she was gripping her chair and having a near-panic attack…

Halle was SO grateful for her Best Actress win for Monster’s Ball and dedicated the award to all black women that deserved, but never won an Academy Award.
8. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s win for Capote has become even more bittersweet since his passing.
But dedicating the award to his mother was especially touching.

9. This was the Oscar fall heard round the world.

Other than that, her speech is just so adorably endearing.
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