Drake’s Sexy New Song ‘Call On Me’ — Singing About Rihanna Love?


In concert in Birmingham on March 21, Drake debuted a new song for his audience called ‘Call On Me’ — and it’s kinda sexy! Could he be singing about his love with Rihanna?

 Now that Drake and Rihanna are official, it looks like Drake is taking it to the next level — by writing a song about her! At his concert in Birmingham, UK on March 21, Drake debuted a new song for his adoring fans. It’s called “Call On Me,” it certainly seems like it’s about Rihanna, and you can listen under the cut!

Drake Performs New Song ‘Call On Me’ — Is It About Rihanna?

The quality is pretty grainy since it was taken on a fan’s camera phone, but here’s what can be gleaned from the lyrics (thanks to RapGenius):
They keep askin’ [?]
She’s not sure at all, she’s not
They want a woman who [?]
I thought of how to say this, but she’s not here right now
Spendin’ all my days on the inside of
Forgettin’ who I was on the outside of
You don’t need to switch another program right now
Tryna put the power in my own hands right now
I’m about to ride through the old hood right now
See I got too much pride for my own good right now
Waitin’ on you to give in and hit me up
So I could f*** you like old times
I’m tired but I invited myself [?]
Those nights when you need someone else to hold on
But you can be the one to take control
When I get to you, already know
Call on me, call on me
Call on me, Birmingham call on me, call on me
Aaand then he repeats a variation of “Call on me,” and “Birmingham call on me” for a while.

Drake: Rihanna Is ‘An Overwhelming And Incredible Person’

Anyway, the evidence is pretty compelling, right? Especially when he sings “Waitin’ on you to give in and hit me up” — Drake has made clear a number of times that he thinks Rihanna is pretty special, and it looks like she has given into his charms!
Back in 2010, Drake called Rihanna “an overwhelming and incredible person, and such a talented person and someone that I was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m here talking to this individual.’” Sweet! She’s been on his mind for a while and it’s great to see that he’s now able to prove to her how incredible he thinks she is.
What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is “Call On Me” about Rihanna? Do you like Drake’s new song? Vote and comment below!
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