Andi Calls Out Juan Pablo & More — 6 OMG Moments From ‘The Bachelor’

Poor Juan Pablo. Season 18 has been a rough one on him. He may be one of the better looking bachelors, but he’s definitely one of the least liked — which means this season of ‘The Bachelor’ was one of the most explosive ever.

During Juan Pablo‘s search for love, he encountered many (and we mean many) hilarious OMG moments. Somehow, we cut down the tons of crazy Bachelor moments down to six — and with the finale taking place March 10, we’re reminding you of the best, worst, and just all-around awkward moments on season 18. Click through our gallery to relive each and every one.

‘The Bachelor’ Craziest Moments

While I’ll let you click through the gallery of the best moments, I have to run down some of most shocking moments of the season that I still can’t believe even happened.
The best moment of the entire season was when Andi Dorfman told JuanPabs exactly what he needed to hear — it’s not ok to only talk about yourself on every single date, it’s not okay to just kiss when you’re not talking about yourself, it’s not okay to bring up your overnight date with Clare on your overnight date with Andi, and it’s not ok to to tell someone they “barely” made it this far. Oh, and most importantly, it’s not ok to say “ees ok” after every statement. Then she tells him she’s over it. Even at the Women Tell All special, she said that she pretended to be asleep that night so the overnight date would be over. Ouch!
However, Andi wasn’t the first to leave voluntarily. Sharleen was a favorite of JP’s all along, but since day one, she wasn’t sure she was totally into it. While their sexual chemistry was apparently really good (and the kissing was really bad to watch) , she pretty much told Juan Pablo she couldn’t see him as the Juan for her. She also told the cameras continually that pretty much, she was too smart for him. She actually said at one point, “I wish I was dumber.”
They definitely had a connection, as did Juan Pablo and Andi — but both the girls (in my opinion) took the right route and got out of there!

Nikki Rocks ’70s Cowgirl Look

One more moment I’ve got to mention is that outfit that Nikki Ferrell rocked before she spent the night with Juan Pablo. They went horse back riding, so she wore pants, and they swam in the ocean, so she paired the pants with a bikini top — sounds ok? Well, we have to mention that the pants looked like a uniform from Woodstock, as they were wide-leg and floral print, and the bikini top had tassels all over it . . . Maybe she was going for ’70s cowgirl? The only thing more uncomfortable was that Juan Pablo told her if she wanted to just wear a thong, he’d be fine with that. Ugh!
HollywoodLifers — click through the gallery of all the craziest moments on this season of the Bachelor, and then let us know which was the most shocking! Do you plan on watching the finale?
— Emily Longeretta

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