Rihanna and Drake Drop $17,000 at Strip Club Together

Rihanna and Drake Drop $17,000 at Strip Club Together
The couple that makes it rain together, stays together?
Former romantic couple Drake and Rihanna were reportedly spotted on what looked like a date at a strip club in Houston.
First of all, what is the state of your life when men are taking you on dates to strip clubs? We hope he at least bought her dinner first.
Anyways, RiRi and Drake hit up V Live Gentleman’s Club in Houston, Texas on Wednesday night.

Earlier that week, Drake attended Rihanna’s show and then they went to dinner together after. Then on Wednesday, Rihanna went to Drake’s show and then they met up at the strip club!
This might just be them rekindling a friendship and Drake was like, “yo, we’re going to the strip club, wanna come?”
However, one of the dancers at the club told E! News that she entertained them privately for three hours and said they “looked like a couple.”
Also, between the both of them, they dropped $17,000 in cash. Thisdoesn't prove anything regarding the two being a couple, only that their priorities are whack.
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