Miley Cyrus Convinced She’s a Great Role Model

Miley Cyrus Convinced She’s a Great Role Model
Miley Cyrus is an expert on Miley Cyrus. She’s to a degree self-aware of the animal she’s created, how she’s portrayed in the media, and how she intentionally plays puppet master and manipulates it all.
Anyway, here are her latest thoughts on Miley Cyrus, Role Model:
“I think I’m representing women in a cool way because people aren’t used to girls that are just like, ‘I genuinely don’t care what people think,’” she said during a Capital FM radio interview. “And that’s what guys have always gotten to be, and especially in, like, a rock industry or whatever.”

The controversial entertainer knows her way around these types of interviews by now. She admitted that in her genre there’s a lot of room for her to intentionally attract attention with what she’s doing and she loves it.
“I’m someone that loves pop music and I love making mainstream music and I love what I do because I get to have this element of fun and surprise, which people normally don’t get to do,” Miley explained. “I get to wear whatever I want and be whatever I want. I just think for me it’s kind of been…really since the VMAs was the time that I really got to break out and do really what I wanted to do.
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