John Mayer to Ask Katy's Dad's Permission to Marry Her

John Mayer to Ask Katy\'s Dad\'s Permission to Marry Her
Katy Perry and John Mayer are THIS CLOSE to getting hitched. We’ve been reporting on their upcoming engagement for months now, so it’s only a matter of time before they officially announce their march to the altar.
According to our source, John is going to ask Katy’s dad for her hand in marriage over Thanksgiving!
“They are spending Thanksgiving with Katy's parents and John is going to have ‘the talk’ where he tells her parents that he wants to spend forever with her,” the insider tells Hollyscoop exclusively.
Katy’s parents are both preachers and her dad was supposedly really “hesitant” about Katy dating John.
Apparently, her parents “hated Russell” so we hope this “talk” over Thanksgiving goes well.

Also, if you remember, earlier this week Katy went to a few events with a ruby ring on her wedding finger. Katy purposefully did that to gage fan reactions for when she DOES reveal her actual engagement ring.
“Katy wore the rings on her ring finger because she wanted to see the public’s reaction. The ruby one was a family heirloom,” said our source. “She was surprised at how well the public reacted to her engagement, even though she was not engaged. She was testing the waters.”
Once John has the talk with her parents, then it’s just a waiting game. Oh, and Katy’s inner circle told us, ”We think John is going to propose to her in a song.”
How romantic!
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