Demi Moore Dating Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad

That’s the latest rumor regarding Demi Moore’s love life. Not only is she dating someone that’s within her age range (shocking), she’s dating the father of a former boyfriend (shocking!).
If Grazia is to be believed, Demi is dating Peter Morton, the billionaire behind Morton’s The Steakhouse chain of luxury restaurants, but more importantly, for the sake of this story, also the father of ex-BF Harry Morton.
According to a source, they “have been seeing each other up to three times a week,” adding, “Demi says that thanks to Peter, her boy toy fascination could be over…at 66, she never thought he’d be her type, but she really likes him.”
As for her former lover, he doesn’t mind. “It’s a bit strange,” the source admitted, “but ultimately Harry is happy if they are.”
The relationship bodes well for Demi’s daughters also. “The girls are glad Demi is dating someone older than herself for once,” the source continued. “They met Peter at a recent party at his Beverly Hills home and they think he’s charming.
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