Angelina Jolie Forced Her Kids to Eat Kangaroo

File this under, “why the Brangelina family is so effing weird.”
Apparently the worldly Brangelina clan is in Australia and when in Australia, do as the Australians do, which in this case, is feeding Kangaroo meat to your unsuspecting children because “THAT’S WHAT CULTURE IS, KIDS! APPRECIATE THIS!” – Angelina Jolie.
“Whenever they are in new countries, the kids have a rule about trying local food,” a source told The Sun.
“The tour guide took them to a special Aussie restaurant and they had a mix of kangaroo and emu on a pizza,” adds the source.
Is the source Brad? Who knows this much stuff? Also, kangaroo on a pizza?!

We’re entirely grossed out by everything we're reporting here, read on if you dare, because it gets weirder.
The kids were also forced to eat something called witchetty grubs, which is a disgusting name for something even more disgusting…moth larvae, which apparently is like the Popchips of Aboriginal women and children. We're not sure what the Aboriginal men are eating, but…
“The witchetty grubs taste like scrambled egg apparently,” adds the source.
Can’t Brangelina just take these kids to a drive-thru? Geez.

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