See Kristen Stewart's New Tattoo

Last week Kristen Stewart got a tattoo and everyone collectively lost their damn minds! Kristen. Stewart. Gets. A. Tattoo. OMG.
Why do we care so much? No idea. But now we have a photo of the thing. Photos of Kristen’s tat are here. Hold. Your. Breath.

While walking about in Paris for fashion week, Kristen flashed the body art she got at a Nashville tattoo parlor last month.
Are you ready for it…it’s four lines. You could call it two equal signs or the Internet tells us that the symbol traditionally stands for the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) or the four elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water).
Actually, upon closer inspection it's actually the symbol for the punk rock group Black Flag. Kristen even stepped out in Paris this morning wearing a Black Flag shirt. Who knew KStew was such a punk?
What do you guys think? It looks like she scratched her arm or something, to be honest.
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