Leonardo DiCaprio Recruiting RPatz Into His Posse

Now that Robert Pattinson is a single man, he can technically do whatever the F he wants, but why is he plunking down in Miami this summer with Leonardo DiCaprio?
It’s ALMOST as random as Rob crashing weddings with Katy Perry. Let's be real.
According to The Sun, after Leo (who became friends with Rob last summer, apparently) found out that Rob was single, he decided that Rob needed to rebound “Leo Style,” AKA partying with tons of Victoria’s Secret models on yachts.
“Leo rang [Rob] up and told him to have a shave, put on some nice clothes and rent a house near him in Miami for the summer. He told Rob he’s too young to settle down and ought to sow his wild oats,” says the source.
Usually we don’t believe stories like this…but here’s the thing about Leo which makes us totally believe this “source.”
Back in the day, Leo was the ringleader of a group called the “p*ssy posse.” It was Leo, Tobey Maguire and some other non-spectacular dudes who just chased women everyday during the '90s.
Well, now that the posse is mostly disbanded and half of them are old or married, Leo’s approaching 40 and still acting like he’s in the posse, but he doesn’t have any bros to share the hoes with, which is mostly sad.
So, that’s probably why Leo recruits young single guys to hang out with him, so he doesn’t look like an aging player. Hello, remember when he was randomly partying with Jonah Hill all last summer on those yachts with those models? And how he hangs out with Bradley Cooper whenever Brad is between girlfriends?
It makes TONS of sense. Leo is recruiting Rob to join the p*ssy posse. It's official.
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