Snooki is Unrecognizable in New Photo Shoot

Let’s talk about Snooki—that is, if you can even recognize her in this new photo shoot because Dorothy, we are not in Jersey anymore.
The reality TV star appears on the cover and in Annex magazine’s “The Dream Issue” looking practically unrecognizable. She’s stepping out of her crocodile slipper shaped element and into a more high-fashion world, even if she insists otherwise.
"Well, I would say my style has definitely changed," Snooki told E! News. "I don't wear short dresses anymore and I'm definitely not into high-fashion. I'm still shopping at the same places. I just don't wear club clothes anymore. I'm more of, like, chic one day, and then gangster the next day, and then bohemian, so I try and do all the looks. I don't really have a style but, I mean, it's not high-fashion."

Ever since Snooki premiered her new slimmed down body, it’s not just the pounds that are disappearing, but her rather one-dimensional fist-pumping, partying identity as well.
Concerning her recent transformation, she told Annex magazine, “I would explain it as the world meeting Nicole for the first time. Everybody knows Snooki, the nut job party girl from ‘Jersey Shore,’ but now everyone’s getting to know who I really am.”
If her career eventually veers in the direction she’s aiming for, you’ll be able to get to know her a lot better. “I’d like to be the female version of Mario Lopez or Jimmy Fallon, maybe even Oprah, but a more crazy, let loose, ‘I don’t give a f***’ Oprah!”
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