Is Amanda Bynes Lying About Plastic Surgery?

 A few weeks ago Amanda Bynes claimed to have had a nose job to remove “webbing from between her eyes” or something, it didn’t really make much sense.
Now, she’s claiming she got a second nose job SINCE her arrest and is already planning a third!
Amanda announced that after she saw her mug shot, she wanted another nose job, so she reportedly went out and got one and claimed that the surgery was performed while she was awake, she didn't need to wear a bandage and “it’s healing on it’s own” according to Ms. Bynes.
Besides the fact that all of that logic is a little suspicious, we reached out to a plastic surgeon who told us that if Amanda really got a nose job this week, she would have to have been 100% sober.
“You can absolutely not perform surgery on someone that is currently using drugs for multiple reasons,” a surgical consultant at Gary Motykie M.D.’s practice tells Hollyscoop, “1) They are not thinking clearly and therefore may not be able to legally sign informed consent. 2) the drugs can wreak havoc on the bodies ability to handle surgery and recover from surgery 3) Some abused drugs can raise blood pressure (which is dangerous with surgery).”
So Amanda is either 100% sober, like she’s been insisting this whole time, or she’s doing drugs like everyone suspects and for whatever reason is lying about getting nose jobs.
Amanda also just tweeted that the DA on her drug-possession case apparently told her that “they have no proof of drugs on me or around me at anytime during the arrest or after.”
So, that’s the legal mumbo-jumbo according to Amanda Bynes’ Twitter feed, which we should mention is 90% photos of Amanda’s face “mocked up” with pictures of cats, so who knows what to believe anymore. 
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