Selena Gomez is Retiring

At the very advanced age of 20 years old, Selena Gomez has announced that she is retiring from music to focus on making more movies. Movies like her star-making appearances in Spring Breakers and Princess Protection Program.
If you recall, Selena announced her retirement from music in February of 2012, only to come back four months later with the announcement that she was putting out an album. Guess those auditions weren’t going so well, huh, Selena?
Cut to a few months ago when she released the Bollywood track, “Come and Get It” and now she’s just released the cover art for her new album “Stars Dance” which hits stores next month.

But screw that new album, because Sel is done with music (again).
“Yeah, probably for a while, I wanna get more into film. I'm open to trying new things,” Selena told French radio station NRJ.
Selena continued, “I just did an action movie and a dark comedy and then a drama so I've been able to do really fun projects that are different."
We guess what she’s trying to say is, she shouldn’t slow down on acting while she’s so hot. Look at the variety of films she’s appearing in! An action film, a drama and a dark comedy!? She’s basically Meryl Streep!
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