Reese Witherspoon: I Told Police I Was Pregnant

Finally, Reese Witherspoon has spoken about her arrest and now we can put this damn story to bed!
George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” asked Reese hard-hitting questions like, “so, what happened?”
Reese should have just been like, “I was an a*shole, what can I say?”
Instead, she said this.
“It’s one of those nights,” she half-joked.
Oh, you know, just one of those nights when you blackout and yell at a cop and then go to jail for a night. We’ve all had one of those nights, right?
Reese continued:
“We had one too many glasses of wine and thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not. It’s just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry and embarrassed and we know better,” says Reese, “It’s just poor judgment, it’s something that will never happen again. It’s just bad judgment, you know?”

Bad judgment is pairing a floral blouse with a checkered skirt. THAT’S bad judgment. Getting arrested and drunkenly yelling at a cop isn't bad judgment, it's just bad!
Oh also, Reese didn’t JUST pull the “Don’t you know who I am?” card. She also pulled the “I’m pregnant” card.
“I had no idea what I was saying that night. I saw them arresting my husband and I panicked. I said all kinds of crazy things, I told him I was pregnant, I am NOT pregnant.”
Finally, George asks her, “so, what lessons did you learn?”
Her response, “When a police officer tells you to stay in the car, you stay in the car. And, even though I’ve played a lawyer in so many movies, I think I’m a lawyer, but I’m NOT a lawyer!” she laughs.
Other lessons she could have learned is that drunk driving kills people, but whatever Reese, keep talking about your movie career and laughing, hahaha, Legally Blonde was fake! Lol!
Watch the video here.
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