Ray J: I Never Wanted To Hurt Kim K With 'I Hit It First'

By now, you’ve probably heard Ray J’s now infamous song “I Hit It First” which is supposed to remind us that he hooked up with Kim Kardashian long before she was famous.
Ray J first tried to deny that the song was about Kim K, even though the music video features a Kim K look-alike, an homage to a reality series on the “F! Network” and lyrics about a former lover who dates rappers and athletes.
But Ray J talked to us while promoting his new series “Bad Girls All Star Battle,” and inadvertently admitted that the song is most definitely about Kim and he feels kind of bad about the backlash the song is getting.
“My intention was always just to put out music and stay true to what we do. My intention was never to make people feel bad or do anything in a negative manner,” he tells CT9.
We’re sure Ray J only wanted to praise Kim K and brag about their former fling, of course.

“My intention behind this song was the same as every song. I do it, people enjoy it. You love it, you hate it,” he says.
But finally he admits that the song did come from “real life.”
“It came from real life situations,” he told reporters, “It came from a concept that was a real life story.”
Kim and her Kardashian Klan have not spoken publicly about the video, but did they reach out privately to Ray J when the song leaked?
“No,” he tells us, “only a few people have my number.”
Now we wait patiently for Kanye West to throw a verse on top of “I Hit It First” and call it “I Hit It Next.”
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