Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Reveals Strange Tattoos

Anyone who followed Michael Jackson’s decades-long career is well aware that he made some permanent changes to his appearance since the start of his solo career.
Another album, another single, another vaguely reminiscent version of a previous Michael Jackson was just always an accepted part of the spectacle.
Those on the jury of a wrongful death lawsuit between the late singer and AEG Live were given even more detail, down to a few surprising tattoos.
The coroner who performed the autopsy on Michael, who died of a doctor-administered overdose of propofol, wrote in his report that his lips were tattooed pink and his eyebrows were tattooed black.
He also had his hairline tattooed black so it would match the color of the wigs he wore.

The autopsy also lays to rest those skin bleaching rumors and his reasons to undergo them; the doctor confirmed Jackson did have vitiligo.
None of these details are really all that surprising (surprising anyway to people with eyes), but they do confirm what everyone’s been casually speculating for years about certain features of the singer’s.
That the autopsy doesn’t reveal any signs of “street drug” abuse—there were no needle marks to suggest hard drugs—may be the most revealing detail.
“There was no indication from the autopsy that there was anything anatomically wrong with him that would lead to premature death,” the doctor, Christopher Rogers noted.
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