Ray J Explains Why He Loves Bad Girls

Ray J is no stranger to dating bad girls.
Let’s just say he’s had some experience in that department, which makes him the perfect host for the “Bad Girls All Star Battle."
“They keep it real,” Ray J told OK! “Bad girls are a little more aggressive at times than other girls, so they get what they want and sometimes they take what they want.”
The “I Hit It First” singer also follows that playbook, of just sharing what’s on his mind, even if he knows it’ll stir up trouble.
But he’s settling down on that score these days and calming down. In other words, don’t expect him to date a bad girl again any time soon. He’s “been down that road,” he said, “and it’s a roller coaster ride, and for me I don’t like roller coasters.”
“Just a regular girl,” he added, “with a cool job. I’m good on the celebrities.”
As for who he’s seeing right now?
“I’m dating my career,” he said. “I’m in love with it. I gotta focus on it because I’m coming around the corner in my life to where it’s about to be time to settle down, and I have to go out with a bang. This is the finale years for me, in my crazed world.”
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