What's Really Going on Between RPatz and Katy Perry?

The ONLY question sweeping Hollywood right now is “Are Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry friends or more than friends and is she waiting for his post-breakup mourning period to be over before she pounces, or is she going to try to cash in on his rebound hookups, or were they seeing each other all along?”
THAT is the only question on anyone’s mind in Hollywood and definitely NOT from our own personal thought collection.
A source close to both Rob and Katy told E! News that nothing romantic is happening between Rob and Katy, they are just really close. Like, really really close.
“Nothing is going on between Rob and Katy,” says the source, “They are just super good friends. There is nothing romantic in it. Rob and Katy are just very similar people and she adores him, as a friend, and she just wants to be there for him as a mate.”
What an odd coupling. The 28-year-old divorcee and her anatomically perfect British “good friend” that she adores in a totally non-romantic way. They must mean “adore” in the way that girls sometimes say, “I absolutely ADORE that sweater.”
Also, we reported yesterday that Rob only wanted to “take a break” from Kristen Stewart but instead she blew up and was like “if you want a ‘break,’ then just break up with me,” so he did. So even though Rob’s the dumper, we assumed he was still pretty broken up about it. Well, he’s not.
“Rob is doing fine since the breakup,” adds the source, “He is not particularly cut up about it or anything. He is doing just fine.”
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