Party With Chris Brown Tonight For $100

Chris Brown will turn 24 this Sunday, but is celebrating early and is inviting YOU to come party with him. #YOLO
No seriously. You can party with Chris Brown tonight in LA for a cool hundo. Team Breezy why are you still sitting there! Goooo!
Yes, you, the commoner can breeze(y) past the velvet ropes of an “exclusive” Hollywood club and pop bottles with Chris Brown all night long, as long as you can afford the $100 ticket price.
Find out what partying in Hollywood is really like tonight and learn that it’s really just a bunch of chicks in Bebe dresses, guys who all claim to be "music managers," $15 watered down drinks, and DJs who only spin Drake songs all night. Wooooo #Hollywood.
You can buy tickets to the party here and if you spend just $20 more, you don’t have to wait in line. Have fun! Don't get punched!
The party is at Chris’ favorite hotspot Emerson Theatre, the place where Chris famously stole the mic and told everyone that he “owns” Rihanna’s “p*ssy.”

Speaking of Rihanna, last we checked they were still together, so you might catch a glimpse of BadGalRiRi at the party as well.
Tomorrow night Chris will celebrate AGAIN at 1OAK in Vegas, but unfortunately the unwashed masses can only attend if they go through the usual “Vegas routes” i.e. text some promoter you met at that pool party and/or just be a large group of hot girls.
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