Miley and Liam’s Breakups and Makeups Timeline

Earlier today we said RIP to a report that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have finally and officially (reportedly) broken up, according to a source. However, this is what, the 15th time we’ve heard about their breakup? Actually, yeah, it might be.
Here’s a timeline of Miley and Liam’s supposed “breakups” and otherwise on-again, off-again relationship.
June 2012: Liam proposes to Miley. Everything is perfect…for now.
December: Liam is spotted in Christmas photos wearing what looks like a wedding band, leading some to believe he and Miley were secretly wed. Their rep shoots down the rumors. This is also about the time that Miley is settling into her new hoodrat style.
January: Miley and Liam are photographed on vacation looking lovey-dovey. There are no signs of trouble in paradise here.
Late February 2013: Liam is spotted getting into a car late at night with January Jones after he attended a party without Miley. A source at the party even claims he saw Liam kissing January. Rumors that Miley and Liam broke-up start to swirl.
Early March: Miley takes to Twitter to prove in her own words that she “didn’t call off the wedding” but a day later she is spotted out and about without her engagement ring. Liam heads to Australia for a solo vacation, leading many to believe that he and Miley have actually broken up.
Mid-March: Miley posts a photo on Twitter and in it she’s wearing her engagement ring despite the fact that a friends says “they are pretty much done.”
Late March: Liam returns from Australia and apparently he and Miley are “in the best mood” and back to planning the wedding.
Early April: Sources claim that the wedding is postponed, but they are still together. Despite all this, Miley goes to Miami and gets ratchet at buddy Pharrell’s birthday. Liam is nowhere in sight and neither is her engagement ring.
Mid-April: Miley’s dad says he’s not even sure that Miley and Liam will still get hitched. He doesn’t say they broke up, just that he’s not sure they’ll get married.
Late April 2012: A source revealed that they had an argument and “the engagement ring is off!”
Early May: Liam’s brothers plan an intervention to get Liam to break up with Miley. But then Miley tells V magazine that she doesn’t have time for Liam and that lack of photos doesn’t mean they split. However, she refers to him as her boyfriend and NOT her fiancé.
Today: Miley and Liam have reportedly split.
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