Harry Styles Attacked By Die-Hard Fan

There must be something in the fans of teen pop stars’ water, because they are all losing their minds.
First the rabid kid who just wanted to pet Justin Bieber like his hamster Pac in Dubai, and now Harry Styles was on the verge of suffocation because of an over-adoring fan.
As Harry was leaving a hotel in Oslo, as expected, hundreds of fans waited to get a glimpse of his shaggy-headedness, their camera phones at the ready, their eyes bloodshot and overcome with hysteria.
Then there was one girl who was overcome with a Satanic-like possession and confidence, launching herself from the crowd into Harry’s heavily secured stratosphere.
Many have tried, but few have successfully breached a boy band member’s inner circle. She’s like the Felix Baumgartner of One Direction fans, hurling past Harry’s security and wrapping her arms around his neck in a crazed embrace.
This isn’t the first time Harry’s been featured in an episode of “When One Direction Fans Attack.” Just last month, the singer was nearly crushed by a mob of teenage girls in France. Not chic.
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