Lindsay Lohan Allowed 'Legalized Speed' In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s rehab trip was supposed to get her 100% clean and get her life back on track. Except Lindsay doesn’t have a problem (according to Lindsay Lohan), so this is basically just a 90-day really boring staycation.
However, Lindsay won’t even drop whatever drug habits she may have, because apparently the Betty Ford clinic is letting her keep her precious Adderall for the ADHD she may or may not have.
In non-scientific terms, Adderall is basically legalized speed and while it’s prescribed for those with ADHD and actually works, a lot of people do use the stuff as an appetite suppressant aka skinny drug.
So for now, Lindsay is allowed to have the stuff AND her cigarettes in rehab. What’s next? They let her bring in water bottles full of vodka? Is she even at rehab?! Is she just at Mark Heller's house?
However, sources say that doctors at Betty Ford are trying to evaluate Lindsay and find out if she a) even has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and b) if she does have ADHD, are the drugs helping.
If they find out that she doesn’t need the stuff, they are reportedly going to cut her off.
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