CT9's Hottest Bodies 2013 Winners Revealed

Who’s got the best boobs in Hollywood? What about the fiercest booty or the best post-baby body! In CT9’s first annual “Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies Poll” we asked what celebs bodies you love to look at!
After nearly 1,200 individuals voted plus the opinions of stars themselves, we narrowed down the hottest, fittest and best-looking bodies in Hollywood.
“Best Legs”: Jennifer Aniston stepped over Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria and two others to win.
“Best Arms”: Jennifer Aniston in a shocking upset beat Michelle Obama 34% to 24% to wrestle the title of “Best Arms,” even though the first lady has been voted tops in the same category in other polls.
“Best Female Abs”: Gwen Stefani, long known for her tight tummy, crunched her nearest competitors Halle Berry and Julianne Hough.
 "Best Male Abs”: Channing Tatum, long appreciated for his bare-chested machismo, sent his closest adversary, Daniel Craig six-packing.
“Best Lips”: Channing Tatum bested four women – Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lucy Hale – for the kissable honor.
“Best Smile”: Kate Middleton, who charmed us with her smile at the royal wedding two years ago and every day since, claimed a new title besides the Duchess of Cambridge with a 29% to 28% squeaker over Jessica Alba to be crowned “Best Smile.”
“Best Nose”: Scarlett Johansson crossed the finish line well before Kate Middleton, 42% to 33%, to win in this category, with Taylor Swift inhaling their dust in third place.
“Best Eyes”: Zooey Deschanel and her baby blues lashed eight other nominees of both genders for “Best Eyes,” tying with Megan Fox at 18% but barely edging her out by just two votes, with Mila Kunis only ten votes shy at 17%.
“Best Dimples”: Mario Lopez easily dented his closest rival Miranda Kerr, 53% to 20%.
“Best Cheekbones”: Angelina Jolie pulled a cheeky win over Keira Knightley.
“Best Jawline”: Victoria Beckham beat out four guys, including Robert Pattinson and Chris Pine, for a posh victory of best jawline.
“Best Beard”: George Clooney won by a hair, with 29% of the vote compared to his fuzzy-faced colleagues Ryan Gosling (27%) and Ben Affleck (23%).
“Best Eyebrows”: Megan Fox is celebrating her plucky triumph in this category. she received 40% of the vote, nearly twice that of Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez.
“Best Baby Bounce Back Body”: Megan Fox also enjoyed the slimmest one-vote margin win over Beyoncé for “Best Baby Bounce Back Body.”
“Best Curves”: Sofia Vergara bounced the competition with 48% of the vote, a comfy margin past Christina Aguilera (17%) and Jessica Simpson (16%).
“Best Hair”: Sofia Vergara’s flowing brunette tresses also locked out Kate Middleton, Megan Fox and others.

“Best Ginger”: Prince Harry, who verified his natural hair color for revelers at a not-so-private Las Vegas party, snapped “Best Ginger” away from other carrot-topped celebrities including Jessica Chastain, Christina Hendricks, Isla Fisher and Shaun White.
“Best Boobs”: Jennifer Love Hewitt racked up a titillating win, by a nice pair of percentage points over Sofia Vergara, and busted runners-up Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Upton.
"Best Booty”: Jennifer Lopez, whose bodacious backside has itself become a legendary icon which paparazzi have long quested to capture, won the coveted award leaving the competition behind with 26% over second-seated Jessica Alba (24%) and even “Bootylicious” belter Beyoncé (20%), with Jessica Biel (17%) and Rihanna (12%) rounding out the bottom two.
“Best Bulge”: David Beckham, by a landslide marking the widest win across all categories, certainly didn’t need to bend it to claim “Best Bulge,” scoring a 54% header over Jon Hamm (17%), Michael Fassbender (15%) and Cristiano Ronaldo (14%).
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