+18 Farrah Abraham Sex Tape More Popular Than Kim Kardashian’s

We at CT9 were convinced that after we initially announced Farrah Abraham’s sex tape/p*rn adventure, we’d be done with this chick. We only have time for actual celebrities, let’s be real.
But then we heard that Farrah’s, well it’s not so much a sex tape anymore than it is an actual p*rnographic film, is outselling Kim Kardashian’s home video with Ray J by A LOT.
First of all, this 70-minute “Backdoor Teen Mom” brought 2 million visitors to Vivid’s website, crashing their site for 9 minutes.
Kim K’s initial viewership was a paltry 600,000. Booooo.

Not only that, but it’s becoming clearer that Farrah might be “the next” Kim K. She just signed on to endorse the “diet scam” Raspberry Tones, which is an “all natural” diet suppressant and probably doesn’t work. Anyone having Kim K/QuickTrim déjà-vu?

We’re just saying, if we’re talking sex tape to diet fad endorsements, Farrah is basically just following the steps in Kim Kardashian’s playbook.

Does this mean we have to watch Ms. Abraham parade around Hollywood for the next decade or longer while she dates athletes and begs her way into the Met Ball? Because, it's looking that way.
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