Kristin Cavallari: My Fiancé Doesn’t Want Me To Work

Kristin Cavallari is busy being a new mom and building a fashion empire…
But if it were up to her fiancé Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, she’d be taking less off her agenda and just focus everything on being a mom.
It’s not because he doesn’t want her to have a career; he’d just prefer that it be near his home base.
“If it was up to Jay, I wouldn’t be working at all,” she tells CT9, at an event for the first ever TiVo Mother's Day TV survey. “He likes that I’m doing the design thing because I can do it from anywhere...I have passed on a few [projects] that would have consistently kept me in LA.”

Kristin made her name in “The Hills” of LA, but she’s fine with branching out and broadening her horizons—as long as she can focus on being a mom and wife first, everything else second.
“Like I said before, I’d rather be at home with my baby, be a wife, and a mother over living in LA and I would never see Jay if I was [living] here.”
Kristin’s acting credits include “The League” and “The Middle,” but as for reports saying she’s putting her acting career on hold, it was “misconstrued,” she says.
“It’s not that I’m putting my acting career on hold, it’s that I’m putting everything on hold that would keep me in LA.”
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