Kristen Stewart Loses It Post Break-Up, Flips Off Paparazzi

Just a few days ago, Kristen Stewart was all smiles even though Robert Pattinson stole her dogs and broke her heart. But now Kristen is in full-blown post-breakup meltdown mode.
While walking through a parking structure in Hollywood yesterday, she spotted some paparazzi and told them how she really felt…with her fingers.
KStew was throwing up double middle fingers all over the place. She was just flailing her arms about and giving the bird with no regard for anything!
To be fair, paparazzi suck. Especially when they follow you INTO a parking garage, making you feel totally trapped.
Meanwhile, Rob wasn’t far away as he drove solo to a building in West Hollywood for what appeared to be a meeting. He didn’t look sad, per se, but he didn’t exactly look “full of life” either. 
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