Kristen Stewart Hides Out With Taylor Swift After Breakup

At first glance, we thought this said, “Kristen Stewart hides out with Taylor Lautner” after breakup and we were like, “Oh, that makes sense. They are really good friends,” but then we looked again and realized it was TAYLOR SWIFT and now our heads are falling off.
Since when is Kristen friends with Swift? And why would she turn to HER for help? Because Taylor’s had like one million breakups? Is she the breakup expert now?!
Actually yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Taylor’s probably sitting her down right now and being like, “ok, now, how much do you hate Rob right now and can you sing it in the key of C?”
 Kristen was photographed driving with a friend this morning and she was ALL SMILES.
The friend reportedly went with KStew to Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills house and the girls spent “all day” there, probably just bashing men and making tea and hating everything.
We still don’t know how Kristen and Taylor know each other? Swift DID date Taylor Lautner for a hot second back in 2009, so maybe they met through him.
Later in the day, Kristen went back to her grungy East Hollywood friends for dinner where she was reportedly, "talking, smiling, and very relaxed."
it's clear that all the "friends" took KStew's side in the breakup.
Poor Rob...we'll hang out with us 555-ROB1
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