5 Girls Robert Pattinson Should Date Next

And on the 7th day, God made Robert Pattinson a single man. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

 Now that Rob and Kristen Stewart are dunzo, and sources say they are both “allowed” to start dating other people, let’s just cut the BS and hand-pick some worthy ladies for Rob to hook up with. Like, actual ladies who don’t wear backwards hats, OKURRR.

 Jennifer Lawrence: A lot of people don’t know that Rob is a really funny, cool and self-deprecating dude. He’s always shuffling around LA trying to avoid the paparazzi, but during interviews he’s the most adorably awkward human ever. He needs to meet Jennifer Lawrence; their combined awesome awkwardness would make one super human couple!
Rooney Mara: If Rob found Kristen Stewart attractive, he must have a thing for pale chicks who don’t like fun. Being pale and hating everything is kind of Rooney Mara’s bread and butter. We don’t approve of this union, but we feel like Rob would like her.
Katy Perry: Katy Perry is reportedly one of the reasons Rob broke up with Kristen. It’s unclear if he WANTS Katy, or if she just convinced him to leave Kristen and has no intention of getting with Rob. BUT, a source did say that Katy once told Kristen she would totally date Rob. Errr, that’s not an awkward thing to say to someone’s girlfriend.

Emma Watson: They are both British, so…Oh Emma also understands the pressures of fame as she also starred in a giant franchise (Harry Potter). Plus, she’s cute and fashionable and witty, also she dresses like a lady.
Cara Delevingne: Cara Delevingne is the IT supermodel of the moment. She’s basically the new Kate Moss, but she’s more fun and wacky. She’s gorgeous when she wants to be, but her “street style” is like a glammed up KStew. She wears backwards hats, so Rob will feel some familiarity there.  

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