Jon Bon Jovi Bashes Justin Bieber

Jon Bon Jovi, known to most kids as That Guy Who Makes All The Music Dad Listens To On His Cassette Player, has some choice words for the music industry’s current l’enfant terrible, Justin Bieber.
One of those words? A$$hole.
As in, Justin Bieber? That guy who abandons monkeys to languish in German monkey prisons? Oh, what an a$$hole, to summarize.
In March, Justin kept a crowd of predominately teenagers waiting for almost two hours past their bedtimes at the 02 Arena in London. The London Evening Standard asked the veteran showman Bon Jovi for his thoughts on the whole ordeal.

“Every generation has guys that do that, none of that is new,” Bon Jovi said, unfazed by Justin’s recent concert behavior. “They run the risk of disrespecting their audience members who have worked hard to pay for their ticket, to give you the permission to take two or three hours of their lives—or in that kid’s case, 80 minutes of their lives.”
“Do it once, you can be forgiven. Do it enough times and shame on you. They won’t have you back,” Bon Jovi added. “Then it just becomes a cliché. It’s really not cool—you’re an a$$hole. Go to f*ckin’ work!”
It’s unclear whether or not this stern talking to will reach Justin. On May 18, he tweeted: “I like to sleep. Alot”
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