Jonathan Jaxson: Why I Called Cops on Amanda Byne

Amanda Bynes' bizarre behavior hit a boiling point today. She posted topless boob shots online. Her former friend Jonathan Jaxson and actress Jenny McCarthy put out Twitter red alerts that the actress was suicidal and then Amanda started trash talking Jenny McCarthy online calling her an “old lady,” before quickly changing her mind and telling her, “Sorry, I was lying!”

Everyone has wondered where Amanda’s parents are? Don’t they see the news? Why aren’t they helping her? Why isn’t ANYONE helping Amanda!
This is exactly the reason why her old friend Jonathan Jaxson called the cops on her last night.
“I reached out to her because, like everyone else in her life, I am concerned,” he tells Hollyscoop, “She needs help but no one is stepping up to the plate!”
Jonathan says Amanda called him sounding suicidal and high and can’t understand why he’s the first person to call authorities to help her.

“Where are all of her friends and all of the people that love her and care for her? Where are they?” he tells us.
We wondered that too, but a different source close to Amanda who has evidently tried to reach out to her told us, “Everyone has tried to help her. Her parents have tried. She changes her phone number every other day.”
Amanda is making it impossible to help her. After Jenny McCarthy retweeted Jonathan’s “911” tweet, Amanda put her on blast, writing, “you’re ugly! Police weren’t at my house old lady! Shut the f*ck up!”
Then, moments later, she claimed she was lying, deleted the tweets and called Jenny “beautiful.”
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