Jessica Simpson Makes Motherhood Look Easy, Says BFF

Jessica Simpson and former assistant turned BFF CaCee Cobb have been best friends for as long as J.Simpson has been famous.
CaCee has been there for her music career, and the John Mayer fiasco and even Jess’s first marriage to Nick Lachey which feels like a lifetime ago and now CaCee and Jessica are both pregnant and they are experiencing the same thing at the same time! OMG MY BFF JESS!

“It’s kind of crazy to see her because she’s further along than I am and she’s chasing around Maxwell, who just turned 1 and is about to walk any day now,” CaCee tells Us Weekly of her BFF.
“She’s got me beat,” CaCee jokes, “Just watching her, I’m in awe because she makes it look easy – but it’s not, I can tell!”

Wow, that’s more than Eric Johnson has said about his fiancé in the years they’ve been together.
CaCee and Jess have done everything together. When Jess was confused about tuna, CaCee was like, “yeah, what is a can?” and when Jessica did that ill-fated movie, The Dukes of Hazzard, CaCee was sitting in the trailer all day trying on Jessica’s Daisy Dukes and taking MySpace selfies.
   And now that Jess is pregnant, CaCee is invited to red carpet events so she can talk about Jess's stomach. BFF 4 Everzzz!
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