Jennifer Lopez Will Probably Get Married To Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez will probably get married to Casper Smart. Oh gawwd.
Every time J.Lo does an interview she makes it very clear that she’s interested in getting married again. For J.Lo, the fourth time is most definitely the charm.

J.Lo just told Entertainment Tonight that she’s down to walk down the aisle AND she thinks she and Casper have the “healthiest” and “sweetest” relationship she’s ever been in.
When asked if she would get hitched again, she says, “I don’t know – probably. I like it. I like the idea of it, I always have. As a girl, you never really give up on that fairytale completely.”
What fairytale ends with…and then the 40-something pop star settled down with a backup dancer who is two decades younger than her and they lived happily ever after!

As for her whirlwind romance with Casper the friendly boyfriend, she says, “it’s a sweet relationship. It’s kind, it’s healthy. He’s a creative partner to me. He knows what I want to accomplish. He helps me and I help him, and it kind of works that way.”
It “kind of works?”
What is happening to J.Lo’s life? Can’t she find a hot Javier Bardem look-alike and ditch that soul patch she calls a boyfriend? Yeesh.
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