How Kate Middleton Relaxes During Pregnancy

Kate Middleton has been lugging a heavy burden around in the belly area these past seven or so months, what with carrying a pea-sized heir to Great Britain in her uterus.
From the way she carries it—always equipped with a dashing smile, never excusing herself from shaking a foreign diplomat’s hand to go vomit in a vase in the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton—you can barely see the stress weighing on her.
But like the Queen’s crown, it requires some physical strength and sometimes you gotta just kick off those ballet flats and coop up in the Anglesey countryside. (You can read all about it in the fourth chapter on staycations in the book What To Expect When You’re Expecting the Heir of a New Century of British Monarchy, No Biggie.)

Following royal engagements for the past few weeks, she was last seen dining at her favorite pub, The White Eagle, with her husband Prince William.
Prior to that, she did a runabout of average activities like buying groceries at the local supermarkets and wearing casual seaside plimsolls.
Basically, the Duchess of Cambridge’s way of relaxing is doing what the serfs do on the daily—not sending the staff out to fetch the chicken for dinner, wearing $20 shoes that place comfort over style. How quaint!
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