Why Lindsay’s Parents are Finally in Therapy with Her

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan's counselors at Betty Ford want her parents Dina and Michael Lohan to get to rehab ASAP for a series of sessions with LiLo.
 Michael is 100% onboard, we’re not sure where Dina stands, but according to Harvard Psychiatrist Helen M. Farrell, this could be the key to Lindsay finally getting her life together.

“Often the way family members handle problems within their own unique unit, can make them more likely to develop symptoms of mental illness or substance abuse issues. This is why it’s important to identify conflicts and patterns of communication within the family structure,” Helen tells CT9, speaking objectively and not as one of Lindsay’s physicians.
Michael says he hasn’t been approached by Lindsay or Betty Ford but wants to get in on the family counseling session real bad.

“Dr. Drew taught me how important it is to address core issues and trauma resolution. It’s a major component of the recovery process that most don't address,” Michael tells us, “I feel by doing so it will open doors for a better relationship and healing for the family, but also for Lindsay's healing to finally have both her parents on good terms.”
But we’re not sure that’s going to happen.
“At Cirque Lodge, Dina brought her boyfriend [to family counseling] instead of me,” Michael vents, “[Family counseling] could be a chance [for Lindsay] to finally have her life and both parents back in her life."
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