Amanda Bynes Still Hasn't Reconnected with Family, Says Source

Things have been pretty silent on Amanda Bynes' Twitter account since May 5, 2013. Maybe she’s still sleeping off Cinco de Mayo?
When Amanda Bynes is tweeting bizarre selfies, we’re worried about her, but when she’s silent on the social networking site for even 12 hours, that worries us even more.
And what’s more, a source close to the actress told CT9 that the rumors surrounding Amanda reconnecting with her parents are totally false. She hasn’t reunited with her family at all!
Late last week, Radar Online reported that Amanda had a “really positive talk” with her parents, and her ‘rents are “thinking of flying out to NY.”
The story seemed shady to begin with. Why are her parents “thinking” of flying out? They should be booking a plane ticket and tracking her cellphone with a GPS as soon as the phone rang!
Our source says none of it’s true, that the “parent” story is trying to make all the chaos in Amanda’s life seem better than it actually is and that she’s still totally alone.

“There is no truth to the story,” a source close to the family tells Hollyscoop, “the whole [story about the parents] is an attempt to cover up the negative. Amanda is worse than she was last week!”
Last week Amanda was posing half-naked on Twitter and most recently she opened up about her nose job which reportedly removed the “webbing between her eyes.”
Hopefully things will change and maybe Amanda WILL reach out to her parents.

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