Giuliana Rancic Named Hollywood's 'Sexiest Mom'

First-time mom Giuliana Rancic is wrapping up a pretty great Mother’s Day weekend today. Or should we say pretty sexy weekend?
No, because not even that would suffice. We’ll need to go all out here with a stronger superlative because according to Victoria’s Secret, it must have been the sexiest Mother’s Day weekend for the sexiest of sexy mothers.

The E! News reporter, who welcomed a son last August, tops the lingerie label’s “What Is Sexy” list this year and we’ll give you anywhere between 12 to 25 seconds to utter an appropriately drawn out and bowled over “Hmmmmmm….......?” because in the words of Michael Bluth, “Her?”
Yes, her. Once you get pass the reality that it’s not Jessica Alba, Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie, Giuliana is actually a refreshing choice. An untouchable movie star or singer would’ve been a predictable victor (ZZZzzzzzz), whereas Giuliana actually represents—or appears to symbolize more than the three listed anyway—the average woman who may shop at Victoria’s Secret.

Giuliana herself was surprised by the title, but is grateful to the brand for recognizing her struggles with breast cancer as a characteristic of “What Is Sexy”.
"To be quite honest, I didn't have many sexy moments while dealing with breast cancer last year but now I feel stronger than ever and I love that Victoria's Secret considers strength and perseverance sexy," she tells the E! Network.
Other figures on the annual list include Beyonce for “Sexiest Songstress,” Emilia Clarke for “Sexiest International Import,” and Jessica Chastain for “Sexiest Actress.”
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